Coeliac in Bali

We recently spent 5 days in Bali, it was a very busy trip with loads of wedding planning as well as lots of time at the beach.

This was my first trip back after my coeliac diagnosis, tbh it wasn't hard. If you have a food allergy (bar a nut allergy) I would say you just have to do three things.

  1. Preparation: bring GF snacks, I brought two packs of nut bars and made sure I had an app on my phone which explains coeliac in many different languages. I also printed several of these out in case they needed to check with the kitchen.
  2. Be realistic: you can't eat much, and you probably won't be having many mi gorengs. Often if somewhere had gluten free options on their tripadvisor, we would arrive to find none stated on the menu. The staff were helpful but typically only one item could be properly made gluten free. Which is fine, as I was happy to just eat out at all.
  3. Research before hand: I had already flagged a few places to eat, gotten recommendations from allergy aware friends and facebook pages. We then filled in the gaps while we were there. 

I only got glutenned once, which was my fault, I KNEW I shouldn't eat the potatoes but man they were so good. Air Asia don't seem to have anything I could eat, eat before you fly, or bring food.

There are lots of more western places or fancy indonesian restaurants you can eat. If you are super strict about cross contamination then life may be quite difficult. I am not super sentitive it seems so can't tell you how bad it was. 
Different locations will have varying levels of awareness. Canggu is very GF friendly, cause it's hippy/hipster/man bun central.

I can recommend some central places:

  • Betelnut cafe
  • Deus
  • Pelotan super shop (vegan, lots gf but no eggs/dairy)
  • Nude Canggu (good beef burger)

Most places serve cider, it was pretty sad not having a bintang while watching the sunset. However I got over that pretty quickly.