Training for city to surf

I've learned the hard way how NOT to train for a race. This time round I brought three things to my training that allowed me to run city to surf in one hour and 10 minutes. This training was appropriate for the 12km.

Stretching and recovery:
I can't stress this enough, foam roll, stretch and even steam. Get assessed by a physio and determine areas where you need to work on gaining strength. 

Fuel your self:
So important, if you are running up to and over an hour you need to build up those glycogen stores, the best way is to ensure you are eating the appropriate amount of carbs to replace what is lost during running. 

Moderation in training:
If you can run 8km you can run 12km.
I trained three times a week specifically for running

  1. Long distance on a flat - (initial 4-5km work up to 9-10km)
  2. Short recovery run (initial 2-3 work up to 4-5 km)
  3. Hill runs/sprints 

Space these runs with a day in between of rest and try doing yoga once a week.

A good warm up and down along with lots of stretching on training days and hopefully your city to surf or next event will be injury free and fun.