About Train:Lean & Real Health Co.


Real Health Co. began as Train:Lean PT, a Blog and boutique personal training business. Brought into existence in 2013 in West London, the brand evolved from a personal training business into a nutrition business. Now Train:Lean is currently undergoing re-branding as the Real Health Community. A source of trustworthy health articles, trying to bridge the gap between informative and interesting.




A website that offers free evidence based, entertaining articles written by health professionals.

To provide a healthy community space, focusing on nutrition, mental health and fitness which any body can access.



TRAIN:LEAN still offers one-to-one nutrition sessions.


60 mins Initial - $100

30 mins follow up - $50

What do you get? We discuss your current lifestyle choices, do an in depth interpretation of the guidelines to healthy eating, discuss strategies and I ask you to complete a 3 day food record. A follow up session allows us to go through the record in detail and define areas of change which fit into your lifestyle

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